Fun Biz food tasting at Cheyenne Frontier Days

Special to Sweet as Cotton Candy, Amanda Hernandez

Amanda Hernandez and her family participated in the Fun Biz food tasting at Cheyenne Frontier Days yesterday. Here are her story and photos.

Thank you Fun Biz for the opportunity to do a tasting yesterday 🤗 I’m absolutely into unique foods and treats. Especially when Cheyenne Frontier Days finally returns 😎🥰 It was sorely missed last year. 

I shared a portion of everything, and it was amazing 🤩 

The corn dog is a carnival must, but your play on corn dogs featuring a hot dog wrapped in a spiral cut potato was fun. The pickle chips are definitely how to get your salt fix, but it seemed to have a subtle kick to it as well 😍 The Shrimp Po’boy with Fruity Pebbles was my favorite and so not what I was expecting 🥰 Creamy, spicy, crunchy and the shrimp were perfect! A totally unexpected meal for carnival food 😍😎 
The pulled pork and brisket sandwiches are very well done. The turkey leg was delicious. The kabobs were tasty and very large portions. And none of the meat was over done or dry. 
Second favorite was the Donut Chicken Sandwich 😋 It was moist. It was seasoned. And the added sweetness of the donuts complimented the chicken so well. It’s like chicken and waffles, but better 🤩 
And of course there was desert 😏 Funnel cake is a classic. And with so many options for toppings, there’s something for everyone. But now that people deep fry twinkies, they deep fry everything!! So bring on the Twinkie and the Oreo and the Snickers!  Oreos are my favorite, and that held true here 🥰 Each one are a nice treat, but add in the fried factor, and you get a melt in your mouth experience. Warm+melted=yum 😝
Definitely can’t eat like this all the time. But when I do, I hope it’s as creative and delicious as today was. 
Thank you again Alex for the Funbiz tasting experience 🥰 And thank you Karen for inviting us to participate. 
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Blake and Gwen Stefani Shelton perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days with opener John King

Gwen and Blake Shelton perform at the 125th Daddy of’em All

story by Karen Cotton

Newlyweds Gwen Stefani Shelton and Blake Shelton perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days tonight as a surprise to the audience! Blake and Gwen are amazing live! The show was sold out to a crowd of 22,500 people, according to Nicole Gamst spokeswoman for Cheyenne Frontier Days!!! Review coming later! John King was the opening act and did an amazing job getting the crowd ready for Blake! It’s always hard being an opening act. John played his hits and some covers including Upton Funk by Bruno Mars. And Blake was right as he said tonight it is tough to follow an event that Garth Brooks opens but Blake really had an epic show as he sent out the 125th anniversary of Cheyenne Frontier Days. More will come tomorrow as well as a review of Kane Brown, Tiger Lily and Restless Road’s show yesterday. I’m going to add that I really loved Gwen’s sparkly jeans and I want to know where I can get myself a pair!!! I love anything that sparkles 🙂

Gwen and Blake Shelton perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Photo by a fan at the concert…courtesy
John King performed tonight at Cheyenne Frontier Days
John King performed tonight at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Wings Over Warren Airshow 2021

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds do a special formation at their Wings Over Warren Airshow. Photo by Karen Cotton
Photo by Karen Cotton of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the Wings Over Warren Airshow.

Planeside interview with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

Today I was fortunate enough to interview the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the Loveland Jet Center Airport. U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Left Wing Pilot Maj. Ian Lee’s interview can be found on my YouTube channel. Here is the link to my interview:

From the left Karen Cotton and U.S. Air Force Thunderbird Left Wing Pilot # 2 Maj. Ian Lee

Fort D.A. Russell Days and cowboy church with my friends Susie McEntire Eaton and Mark Eaton

I had every good intention to attend and cover Fort D.A. Russell Days and Susie McEntire Eaton and Mark Eaton’s cowboy church service this weekend. Unfortunately my dog went counter surfing and I wasn’t fast enough to remove some fresh, whole, peaches from my counter before she snatched one and ate it whole, yes, including the peach pit.

She is doing fine so far and won’t require any surgery at this point, but it’s been stressful and tiring as we kept and eye on her and made sure she passed the peach pit. Thanks to Avenue’s Pet Clinic and especially Doctor Hartshorn for keeping track of her progress over the weekend. I also spent a lot of time cleaning my rugs from where she decided to eat the peach and it was a juicy peach. Silly pup had us all worried.

My sincere apologies to the military members at F.E. Warren Air Force Base and Susie McEntire Eaton and Mark Eaton for me missing out on the coverage. Hopefully I can make it up to you all. Thanks for understanding.

I will be attending the plane side interviews tomorrow with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and an article will follow.

My pup and I this weekend.

Tonight at CFD Garth Brooks and Ned LeDoux honored Ned’s father Chris at their sold out show

Ned LeDoux and Garth Brooks put on an incredible show tonight to a sold out crowd at Cheyenne Frontier Days 125th anniversary, as they honored Ned’s late father Chris LeDoux. Twenty five years ago Chris and Garth shared the same stage.

Ned LeDoux opened the concert by performing some of his own hits and later on he played a lot of his father’s hits like “Copenhagen,” “This Cowboy’s Hat,” and “Underneath this Western Sky.” When Ned sang the line, “I want to be buried underneath this Western Sky,” he pointed down to the rodeo arena where he and his family had spread his father’s ashes several years ago.

When Ned sings he really sounds a lot like his father. It’s hard to tell sometimes if it’s really him, or his dad, Chris, which is incredible. How fortunate are country fans and fans of Chris LeDoux that his legend lives on with his son. Ned got a standing ovation after his last song. And the stage was set for Garth.

When the vehicle that Garth was in, drove up to the stage, the crowd went wild. Garth opened the show with “Beaches of Cheyenne,” and he played hit after hit. He mentioned that “Calling Baton Rouge” is one of his favorite hits to play as the fiddle player started performing its opening melody. He performed “The River,” and people started turning on the lights on their cell phones and he encouraged them by yelling, “Yeah, light ‘em up!” Everyone sang along with Garth and in that moment the world seemed like it was in perfect harmony.

Next Garth talked about his band member, friend and college roommate, Ty England, who he said taught him how to play the guitar. And Ty proceeded to play the first few chords of “Friends in Low Places.” Garth said his favorite version of “Friends in Low Places” is the live version and having everyone in the crowd sing the words of his song back to him, which they did. He introduced all of his band members and vocalists during the concert.

After getting a standing ovation, Garth told the audience that he compared tonight’s concert as being one of the top highlights of his career, which included being honored at the Grand Ole Opry, performing at the 100th anniversary of the Daddy of ‘Em All 25 years ago with his friend Chris LeDoux, and tonight performing that same song, “Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy,” with Ned and that 2021 topped it all.

Near the end of the show Ned honored Garth with a statue of Chris, “Just LeDoux It,” that Ned said was a gift from his family to Garth. And Garth knelt near the statue when he finished his song, “Good Ride Cowboy.” Garth wrote that song for Chris after Chris passed away from cancer in 2005.

Garth played three encore songs including “Amarillo by Morning” by George Strait and Garth’s new song, “That’s What Cowboys Do,” that he said he normally wouldn’t do because when he goes to concerts he wants to hear everyone’s hits and not their new songs. But the crowd loved it. Ironically it was playing on my Sirius XM Garth Channel radio as I drove out of the stadium with my friend Katie Capron who took the below picture in my car while I was driving.