Press release about LCSD1 school closures for snow

CONTACT: Dr. Boyd Brown, Superintendent of Schools,

Out of an abundance of caution, Laramie County School District 1 will not be having school tomorrow Friday, March 19. Factors influencing the decision include—1. Many areas across the district are down to one-lane traffic in subdivisions.2. 80% of the sidewalks are not cleared for students to walk and we do not want them walking in the streets. 3. We cannot run the buses with the narrow streets, tight corners and limited staff. We know that this will impact more than 3,000 of our students. 4. We have one lane traffic by many of our schools and believe the congestion and inability to provide safe drop off areas put students and parents at risk.  5. Having the amount of student and parent traffic on the one-lane streets in a relatively short time period has the possibility of creating choke points and stuck vehicles to exacerbate the situation and may increase vehicle accidents.  

“We appreciate the work our building and grounds crews have accomplished as well as the work the city and county have accomplished regarding clearing the snow from this storm,” LCSD1 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Boyd Brown said. “We believe the safest option for our students is to not have school tomorrow and to allow all the snow removal crews Friday through Sunday to make it safer for students and staff members to attend school.”