Q and A with comedian Josh Blue

Comedians Josh Blue and Brandt Tobler

When: Friday, Oct. 9, First Show:  Doors open at 6 p.m. show starts at 6:30 p.m.

Second Friday Show: Doors open at 8:30 p.m. show at 9 pm. 

Tickets still available for the Friday shows, but are limited.

Saturday, Oct. 10, First show: doors open at 6 p.m. show at 6:30 p.m.

Second show: Doors open at 8:30 p.m.show at 9 p.m.  

Both of the Saturday shows are sold out. 

Venue: The Lincoln Cheyenne

Address: 1615 Central Avenue 

Website where you can also purchase tickets: Http://www.thelincolncheyenne.com

More about Josh Blue: www.joshblue.com

More about Brandt Tobler: www.brandttobler.com

By Karen Cotton, editor of Sweet as Cotton Candy

Comedian Josh Blue got his big break in comedy when he won  NBC’s Last Comic Standing in the summer of 2006. Ever since he has taken the world by storm. He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal.

You can watch Blue live in four shows this Friday and Saturday (Oct. 9-10) at the new venue, The Lincoln Cheyenne, in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. Brandt Tobler, a Cheyenne native, and well-known comedian will open for Blue.  This Saturday’s shows are already sold out, but there are a few seats left for Fridays’ shows. 

Blue, who lives in Denver, Colorado, discussed how he has been doing during 2020, how Covid-19 affected his livelihood, and why he is grateful he gets to do live shows, like the upcoming shows in Cheyenne. He also talked about fatherhood, balancing family life and touring and more.

Blue’s  fifth one-hour comedy special, Broccoli, was recorded at his home club, Comedy Works in Denver, CO. That special is now available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, VUDU and additional platforms.  

Enjoy this Q and A with Josh Blue.

Q: “2020 sure has been a stupid year, hasn’t it?” 

Blue: “Yes and there’s more to come so yay!”

Q: “Did Covid-19 affect you being able to perform live because of shut downs and if so how did you deal with that?”

Blue: ” I mean definitely, I was doing 200 shows a year, now this year doing closer to 100.  At first it was a little bit unnerving, I thought, ‘Oh no my career is going away,’ but then I was like wait a minute I have been doing 200 shows a year for 16 years this is actually kind of nice. So, I’ve been actually enjoying myself and stuff has moved to Zoom shows, online shows, which is not ideal for standup.  But, what I told myself is this is the new thing. I learned how to do it and I was able to get good at it, and I feel comfortable doing the Zoom stuff too. It’s not my preferred method. I would much rather be performing to a lively audience in Cheyenne.” 

Q: What do you like about live shows? 

Blue: “I am very off the cuff, when something happens in the room I can comment on it. I can do that on the Zoom meetings, but the energy isn’t the same and there isn’t the big burst of laughter after a punch line. There is something about being in the room with people that is different than getting it online.”

Q: “What do you like about making people laugh?” 

Blue: “It feels good and you can see and feel the relief of people’s stress, and mine too, when you’re up there and there’s not that much else going on in the world.” 

Q: “How do you balance family life and touring?” …

Blue: “Let me tell ya Carona has really helped with that, how so, I am home 24/7.” 

Q: “Are you pandemic home schooling?”

Blue: “At first we were so that was insane. Now my son is in school and my daughter is at home, so it makes zero sense at all.  My daughter is 10 and my son is 12.” 

Q: “When did you know you wanted to do comedy for a living?”

Blue: “I’m still not sure,” he laughed and said, “I was pretty young 23, 24, and I was doing stand up here in Denver. Then I did some in college. I got some success in Denver, and I thought, ‘Oh I could actually make a living at it,’ and here we are.” 

Q: “How did you get the opportunity to be on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?’”

Blue: “A lot of hard work, you keep plugging away. Doing ‘Last Comic Standing’ launched me into the realm of doing lots of shows. When you do as many shows as I do, you can do other things like ‘The Tonight Show.’ 

Q: “What was it like performing on ‘ The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?’’ 

Blue: “It was amazing! A comic’s dream come true. It was pretty surreal. It was definitely one of those things in my career,  I was on ‘The Tonight Show,’ which was pretty amazing.”

Q: “You sometimes use your cerebral palsy to break down stereotypes in your shows, why is that important to you?” 

Blue: “Well I mean, I definitely talk about it, but I don’t talk about it as much as I used to. But the fact of the matter is everything I talk about comes from the perspective of a guy who has cerebral palsy. It’s important from the fact that obviously I want to take you through some of the experiences I experience and make you feel dumb about it.” 

Q: “What kind of topics will you be covering at your shows this Friday and Saturday nights at The Lincoln?”

Blue: “I’m all over the map. I’ve got my kids, quarantine, just day to day life. I also do improv so whatever is happening in the room.” 

Q: “What do you like about performing in Cheyenne, you’ve been here several times.” 

Blue: “It definitely blows the pants off of ‘The Tonight Show,’ let me tell you,” he laughed and said, That’s called sarcasm, no you know, Cheyenne, it’s funny people ask you about why you perform wherever. I don’t care why you are whoever, you could be in a barn for all I care, as long as people are there to laugh. Obviously Cheyenne is a nice road gig because it’s not to far from my home.” 

Q: “Have you ever performed at the Lincoln in Cheyenne?”

Blue I don’t think I have, but I am excited. I have heard good things. I will be there with Brandt Tobler. 

I’ve worked with him many times. He’s a hometown boy, so that’s fun. Who knew anything funny could come out of Cheyenne?” 

Q: “What kind of advice would you give to comedians who are just starting out?” 

Blue: “Watch as much comedy as you can, watch live shows if you can, study what you can, learn what you like.”

Q: Who are your comic idols?

Blue: “Chris Rock, Mitch Hedberg, Dave Chappelle, Geroge Carlin and Richard Pryor.Each one is different in their own respect, the writing, their timing is amazing, and you know each one of those comics is so different than the other one. Comedy can come in so many forms, so its always amazing when you find this unique voice that also resonates with you personally.”

Q: “How do you come up with the jokes and discussions for your shows?” 

Blue: “I definitely have a bunch of jokes that I am working on. With my show I’m constantly working on the next special. I never write anything down. I just remember what I’m doing. I do a lot of improv and stuff I’m doing.” 

Q: “What is your next career goal?”

Blue: “I would like to have my own show, maybe not a network show, so I can swear. Probably Netflix will be perfect for me.” 

Josh Blue courtesy photo