First of all I apologize for poor spelling etc. I will fix it all tomorrow.

I have really been missing my mom lately. We went to her best friend, Jenny’s, house today and Jenny has these pics up of Mom. That is a picture of Katie and I with Mom right before Mom went into ICU.

I also love Cheyenne Frontier Days and I am so sad it isn’t taking place this year. I am sad we can’t visit family. But I am trying to make life feel normal for Katie and still have an enjoyable summer while also staying safe. I may sound like I have the virus to people but I have just been crying a lot. I am very fortunate to have my family and friends. I am grateful for living in Wyoming. We have a lot to be thankful for.  I haven’t been able to write for months. I have only been able to write  down my feelings.
It isn’t easy having bipolar disorder and diabetes. The stress has affected my diabetes as well as a recall in a medication I take for it. I have also been grieving and also the pandemic has made everyone grieve life the way it was back in February and prior to that. I just wish people were as scared of the flu as they are of Sars2 coronavirus Covid-19. They both are viruses.

Katie has been hospitalized twice with penumonia from the flu, even with a flu vaccine, but vaccines don’t cover every strain of the flu. Mom was a public health nurse. I know so much about diseases and vaccines. Mom died from community acquired pneumonia from the flu. She had both the flu and a pneumonia vaccine on board.
The flu vaccine isn’t a vaccine that is required when your kids go to public school. People sent their kids sick to school, to daycare. People went to work sick. Healthcare in America is so broken you guys.
I remember getting yelled at for not meeting deadlines and writing enough because I had a cold and stayed home from work. I remember writing articles in bed when I was sick and worked for the newspaper under the old owners.

I honestly don’t see how a vaccine is going to solve everything. If you go to the Center for Disease Control you can see how many other diseases are out there that don’t have a cure. For example the common cold virus, (coronovirus), norovirus Or the stomach flu, lyme disease, Aids and I could go on. If you don’t believe me go to the CDC’s offical website yourself We shut down our businesses and closed schools, daycares, why? It was for not. And our economy is hurting and it isn’t over. We have a surge in Sars2 coronavirus Covid-19 cases for many reasons; protests of all kinds. People protesting being shut in their homes and businesses that were shut down, Black Lives Matter protests, protests of Trump rallies being held, the rallies themselves, anything with huge groups of people, like Fourth of July BBqs, tourism, traveling. I am sorry to say this but we all will be eventually be exposed to Sars2 coronavirusCovid-19. If we haven’t been already or already had it without even realizing it. Fine wear a mask. Wash your hands as often as you can, use sanitizer, stay home, be afraid. Or you can come to the reality that this virus is’now a part of our lives. America failed at slowing the spread of it. It isn’t our president’s fault either. He was going through an impeachment trial in January through March. He was acquitted. Wuhan had the virus in December. It was already spreading all over the world back then. There were international flights from China to everywhere in the world including the U.S.

The only place back in December to February mid March of 2020 that you wore a mask was at the doctor’s office. Not everyone did that either. I know because both my daughter and I were sick in February and we visited the doctor many times.
So hey, be kind and stay home if you feel sick. You all should have Always been doing that. But you haven’t.

I have been doing this my entire life. Mom was a nurse. It was a no brainer. I can show you emails and letters from my daughter’s school about her abscenses. She missed 15 days of school in 2019-2020 school year. My child has asthma. My child was a preemie baby. She had already been sick with the flu, norovirus, the common cold, but when she gets a viral infection it affects her asthma. Our whole family is vaccinated with the flu vaccine and all vaccines. At times my daughter needs to be hospitalized and needs oxygen to breathe. She takes two kinds of inhalers and allergy medicines daily. I kept her out of school the day the first case of covid-19 hit Wyoming where we live. I got scowled at and told it wasn’t a big deal and that was a dumb thing to do. My daughter’s doctor faxed the school and told them she isn’t coming there. And a week later all schools in Wyoming were shut down and eventually went to virtual learning. Businesses later shut down. Everything shut down. We were watching Tv concerts of musicians and celebrities performing from their homes. They were telling us all to stay home be safe. And in Wyoming we already were staying home. All of the roads were closed because we were in winter still and getting hammered with snow. We already stocked our pantries because semis can’t get through to our towns and cities when the roads are all closed statewide due to winter conditions. But now it is summer. Tourism is still huge in Wyoming. Yellowstone is a huge draw to people who can’t go to their national parks or beaches. Wyoming’s economy is based on a few things, coal, trona, oil and gas, natural gas and wind energy as well as tourism. And every single one of those resources took a financial hit during the pandemic. I can tell you how much money Cheyenne Frontier Days brings to Cheyenne and Wyoming. Our state lost thousands of dollars. The arts are suffering. And the arts are very important to a community. The bring businesses to communities, states, countries. And lots of money, too. So many artists, musicians, authors, dancers, actors, animators, film companies, all came to a hault. They also lost tons of money. Everything was cancelled. But in 2020 we have the ability for virtual everything and video chat, zoom, microsoft teams, facetime, facebook messenger, twitter, broadcast and print journalism. And drive-ins are huge now. Virtu concerts, conferences, lessons, museum tours, etc. you name it happened even auditions for The Voice on NBC. And people have found ways to keep creating. Anyway what I am trying to get at is don’t live in fear. Knowledge is power. Research your news sources. I am here to tell you the truth. I don’t have advertisers telling me who to write about or what political party to vote for. So it’s late. 1:30 am in the morning and I will write more soon. One side effect for me of the pandemic is insomnia and absolutely no free time to myself in my home unless I stay up late and wait for everyone to sleep. My husband is workinf from home and my daughter home virtual oandemic schooled and then shebis out of school for the summer.
The nights are usually quiet. Nobody is trying to call me, text me or anything. But for a few nights we have had major storms here.
I know I rambled on. You need to know, yes Sars2 coronavirus Covid-19 is new to us, but we know more than we did back in December. It sure seems scary. But there is a point I will make and I digress and I will write more tomorrow. I am exhausted and even my favorite movie and a night star gazing with my daughter couldn’t ease my mind. And dang I can’t even find that comet Neowise. And seriously why isn’t any media outlet talking about the astronauts aboard the International Space Station and Space X having a successful launch? It is huge!!! Maybe everyone are all jealous. They get to watch us from above. But eventually they will need to come back to earth. Our messy broken and disease filled earth. And not only is our earth filled with a newish virus. But there sure is a lot of hate and if people were kind to each other, and helped one another, and used people’s God given talents, were good to the earth’s natural resources and animals, we would find a cure for this virus faster and the world would be more peaceful. Life would be less stressful. But there will always be bad people who do horrific thing like murdering innocent people, sex trafficking, and I could go on, and there are not so bad people and people who shine with goodness, people who we truly admire. Heroes. What ever happened to honoring all of our frontline workers like we did back in March? They still are working their asses off to save our lives. We all need to work together for the greater good of our planet earth. It is all we have.