Be Kind

            I have my magazine for a reason. Media is very biased. It is either extremely left or extremely right. There is no such thing as objective journalism anymore. There also aren’t any social media sites out there that also aren’t biased. So my goal is to be objective.

            Look 2020 has been a lousy year for a lot of people in the United States. Between Sars 2 Covid-19, businesses and schools being shut down, concerts, theater, rodeos, festivals, cruises and movies being postponed until who knows when, huge wildfires in the Western part of the U.S., hurricanes and flooding in parts of the South, racial tension, protests, riots, marches, murder hornets, and the U.S. presidential election and so much more, yay us. 

This year people have been angry, anxious, fearful, hateful, and this all stems from the media. Whether it is social media, news on Internet search engine sites, media on your TV, youtube, your radio, newspapers, your smart phones, media is everywhere. 

  Do you know what is more powerful than the media? It’s knowledge, research, the ability to find the truth, to find honesty.  

      Don’t hate your family member, your friend, your coworker, or your neighbor because of who they chose to vote for. Nobody is wrong. The great thing about America is we have the freedom to choose who we vote for. And everyone can vote if you are a legal citizen, including women like me, which hasn’t always been the case for women. 

            We also have the freedom of speech in America. That is something to be very grateful for and something that is to not be taken for granted. 

            Everybody has the ability to choose use their words wisely, whether it is through social media, a text, a phone call, an email, a letter, a messenger message, or a conversation of any kind.

            I have never in my lifetime seen so many people trash politicians, their friends, their family, their neighbors, so openly and so freely without thinking about the consequences. And there are consequences.

              I think the thing that appalled me the most this year was a post on Facebook that I tried to report of an individual who wished that President Trump would be put on a ventilator when he had Covid-19. And Facebook left that comment up. It is not legal to wish ill will on the President of the United States. But A lot of people did. And did I say Facebook left that comment up, after I reported it. TWICE!

            My mom passed away last year. She had COPD, heart issues, and she had fallen. She was on blood thinner, and when she was put on a ventilator, she had caught pneumonia in the hospital,  and had surgery to remove what they thought was mucus, they found that she had blood in her lungs. My mom was on a ventilator in ICU for many days. And eventually there was nothing more that the doctors or nurses could do to try and save her so I had to take her off of the ventilator. It was the worst day of my life.

            There is nothing worse than seeing someone you love with their hands secured down, and a tube down their throat, and unable to talk to you. 

            I don’t care how much a person hates the President of the United States, but I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. 

            The job of being a president is thankless. Because no matter what you do people are going to either love you or they are going to hate you. 

            And President Trump has the right to have the ballots recounted in every state. It is part of a fair election. 

            Everyone should really just be nice to each other, too. Whether you voted for Trump, for Biden, for Kanye, for Jorgensen, for yourself, or for nobody. Everyone in America has a that right to choose. 

            Last year I lost my mom, I had a miscarriage, I lost my dog to cancer, and this year I lost my grandpa. One day I saw him in the hospital to say good bye to him and to thank him for everything he gave us,  and a few days later we were at the family gravesite over looking a mountain burying his ashes. It was very traumatic to say the least and really made me take a look at life.

            What I am trying to say is life is precious. Life is a gift. Your words can either be poison, or they can be kind.

            Everyone is fighting a battle right now. This year has been incredibly fucked up and difficult. There really isn’t any other way to put that. 

            Yes, Covid-19 is a real virus, with no cure, I have friends who are fighting it right now. But these are things the media ISN’T talking about: COVID-19  has also caused mental health issues, families to go hungry, women, men and children to be abused even more than ever during the shutdowns, children to go missing for months because schools couldn’t find them anymore once the shut downs happened. Our elderly community has been lonelier than ever before. My grandpa, we couldn’t zoom with him because he was hard of hearing and hated technology, we couldn’t talk to him through a window because he would have been confused and angry because he couldn’t hug us, so I got to see him when he had a day left to live and was unresponsive. And NO he didn’t have Covid-19 but it certainly did kill him. 

            I have seen firsthand how families went hungry, how the shutdowns led to abuse and divorces, how financial hardship can kill a person’s confidence, or business, and how some families are barely hanging onto their homes and are close to homelessness or are homeless, how deployments are incredibly difficult on spouses. How political views can rip apart families and friendships. How racism is still a huge issue in America. 

            But there is something that is out there that is more powerful than politics, more powerful than a killer virus, or racism … it is your own voice, your own actions, and your faith, whatever that is. 

            So, when you wake up tomorrow, you have the choice to be kind to people, or not. And that’s not something you can blame politicians, or a virus on. Something that has helped me deal with my own anxiety about everything that is going on in the world is unplugging from all social media outlets, all TV, all radio, shutting off the news apps on my phone. Focusing on my family, friends, my pets, fixing myself, trying to help people when I can, and being kind. 

            We have the ability to vote in our country, the ability to get in touch with the government officials when we are unhappy or want change, or to even run for office ourselves. And we also have the freedom of speech. Use it wisely. And don’t always trust one media source or the other. Research, and learn.

            I still tell Biden supporters I voted for Biden, and Trump supporters I voted for Trump, and sometimes to throw people off I tell them the opposite, or that I voted for Kanye, or even myself.The cool thing about America is you also have the right to vote in secret. But however you voted treat everyone with respect, with kindness. Be an example for the future of America, our youth.