Music and hope in the midst of Covid-19 crisis

A lot has happened since I last logged in. A coronavirus pandemic is happening but people are resilient and aren’t letting them stop having fun. The Michael W. Smith concert has been postponed in Cheyenne. So has school and a lot of other things people like doing for fun. The CDC is suggesting people stay home mainly to stop the spread of the dreaded Covid-19 everyone is sick of hearing about and dealing with.

Musicians are having online concerts including Garth Brooks, a favorite performer in this area whom everyone adores it seems because the last show he performed at was in Denver at Mile High Stadium. You can catch him on Facebook in Studio G. I will add that info soon. I have asked him for an interview. I hope he does one with me. He has always been one of my heroes. I have been to many of his shows, I asked a dj at 107.9 if they could share Garth’s publicist contact with me but he refused and said Garth contacted Them so forget it! In this time of uncertainty wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could share the love of music ? I just wanted my readers to be able to know about Garth’s online concert in these troubled times we all could use some uplifting music, and more importantly some hope.